Network Inventory Advisor


Gather software and hardware data from your home network


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Network Inventory Advisor is a tool that can take complete inventory and analysis of your network. It will show you a list of all of the computers using the network, the software applications installed on them, and the hardware configurations for each software app. The app will also alert the user when there is an error on a computer, or if it notices something amiss.

Network Inventory Advisor has a large quantity of tools for performing network, software and hardware inventories to detect any problem that might exist. In the process, the app will check every program's license and the quality of the network.

The report will automatically collect relevant information from connected devices, and it will gather detailed statistics from those devices and operating systems. You can personalize all of the data through service tags, inventory numbers, prices or locations in order to be able to follow the most important changes to your network.

Network Inventory Advisor also easily tracks the installations, software versions, licenses and services on all of the computers.

In addition, you can use the hardware inventory to search and access CPU data, memory and system information, audio and video, peripheral devices and other hardware details so that you can plan massive updates, find solutions for hardware problems, and even determine the make and model of your system.

Trial version works for ten uses.

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